CDOT wants remote blasting system to fight avalanche road closures

Colorado highway engineers are seeking U.S. Forest Service approval to use remote-controlled blasters to trigger small snowslides in an attempt to keep big avalanches from blocking Berthoud Pass.

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Tankers still roll over Loveland Pass while Colorado mulls tunnel fix

LOVELAND PASS — Oil and gas tankers roared through Colorado’s high-mountain tundra at a rate of one every five minutes Monday morning, two days after a crash that spilled 4,000 gallons of diesel and unleaded fuel into waterways that flow toward Denver’s Dillon Reservoir.

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Pricey electric car is a draw, but officials want to tap Colorado’s natural gas

China is pitching a “pure electric” all-wheel-drive car that gets 186 miles per charge — targeting public officials tasked with greening their vehicle fleets.

The managers of Colorado’s 5,800-vehicle state fleet took the $63,000 Build Your Dreams E6 for a test drive. So did municipal fleet chiefs from Denver and Pueblo. And they liked it. The E6’s range more than doubles the distance other electric vehicles can cover before running out of juice.

But Colorado officials — poised to spend $21 million to replace 585 state vehicles — are wedded to cars and trucks that run on made-in-Colorado compressed natural gas.

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