Boulder County dangles loans to encourage home improvements

Persuading Americans in love with the concept of saving energy to actually do it is getting personal in Boulder. A thermology expert who hunts for “energy vampires” has just arrived at Loraine Masterton’s door. Over the next hour, Shawn Le Mons will fire up a reverse-fan and create a vacuum inside Masterton’s split- level home. He’ll comb every room, aiming an infrared camera gun, detecting temperature differentials that indicate leaks.

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Defunct uranium mine contaminating groundwater near reservoir

A defunct uranium mine in Jefferson County is contaminating groundwater near a reservoir, but government regulators and mine executives have yet to settle on a plan for cleanup.

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Muslim cleric targeted by U.S. made little impression during Colorado years

A Muslim cleric turned terrorist leader – targeted for assassination by the U.S. government – is a Colorado State University graduate who honed his preaching skills in Colorado mosques.

Born in New Mexico, Anwar al-Awlaki arrived in Colorado in 1990 to study at CSU after spending more than 11 years in Yemen. He graduated in 1994, records show, with a degree in civil engineering.

He left little mark here — no achievements notable or infamous — and relatively few in Fort Collins or Denver remember him.

Those who did know al-Awlaki recall his emerging gift for oratory and persuasion. Some sensed the stirrings of radicalism in his speeches before he left in the mid-1990s, eventually returning to Yemen.

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