Colorado targets tire landfills and subsidies to bolster recycling

FOUNTAIN — Colorado’s role as a morgue for 60 million of the nation’s 100 million scrap tires is over: State lawmakers are shutting down tire landfills. A state-run $5.8 million subsidy program for tire recyclers also will end — by 2018 — under a bill that Gov. John Hickenlooper said Monday he will sign into law.

Sprawling heaps of scrap tires — like the ones south of Colorado Springs and northeast of Denver at Hudson — are seen as environmental and health hazards. In addition to the fear of a large fire, the sites can act as havens for rats, rattlesnakes and virus-spreading mosquitoes. As well, support for the recycling subsidies soured among lawmakers after a questionable operator collected $578,246 in state funds and later was investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Colorado School of Mines materials engineers turn food garbage to glass

GOLDEN — Colorado School of Mines engineers have found an alternative to digging into mountains for minerals: mining the minerals from food waste.

They’ve turned putrid banana peels, eggshells and rice husks into crystal-clear glass.

Now they’re investigating what other muck may yield.

In a lab here, they rigged up a cooking system that starts at a fridge, where students delightedly donate garbage.

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