MillerCoors brewery now recycles all waste

GOLDEN — Workers in the nation’s largest brewery have transformed their operations and no longer send any garbage to dumps.

After nearly two years of developing ways to divert 135 tons of trash each month, MillerCoors leaders on Monday announced that all waste now is recycled.

Two years ago, brewery managers were paying Waste Management to haul those tons of glass, spent grain and hops, plastics and metals for burial in metro landfills. MillerCoors now projects a $1 million a year revenue boost from the sale of recycled materials at the Golden plant alone.

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Colorado absorbs 179 oil and gas spills as Parachute cleanup continues

At least 1,500 cubic yards of petroleum-contaminated soil will be hauled from the oil and gas spill along Parachute Creek to Utah for final disposal.

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West Fork fire complex in Colorado feeding on beetle-ravaged forests

SOUTH FORK — Wildfires spread to an estimated 66,200 acres Saturday in spruce-beetle-ravaged forests, continuing to imperil tourist towns on the west edge of Colorado’s San Luis Valley.

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Nature Conservancy offers alternative to aggressive fire suppression

JAMESTOWN — A team combining ecological know-how with hotshot firefighting is being deployed in Front Range forests to try to address Colorado’s wildfire predicament: needing the purge of fire but not wanting it.

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