Oil, gas companies urged to clean, reuse muck, but process expensive

While Colorado’s drilling boom produces record amounts of gas and oil, the multiplying wells also are bringing up far greater quantities of a salty, toxic liquid waste — 15 billion gallons a year.

If cleaned properly, all that liquid could become safe water to restore rivers, irrigate food crops and sustain communities in an era of drought and declining water supplies. Or at least it could be reused by oil and gas companies to reduce their draw of fresh water from farmers and cities.

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Parachute Creek spill continues uncontained; cause, source unknown

An underground plume of toxic hydrocarbons from an oil spill north of the Colorado River near Parachute has been spreading for 10 days, threatening to contaminate spring runoff.

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Seismic surveying rattles Colorado homeowners

Trucks rolling through Front Range communities thumping the ground in the hunt for oil and gas are riling some residents.

Seismic exploration so unnerved Aurora homeowners earlier this year that the city has imposed new permitting requirements on companies. State regulators also are looking at their own rules.

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Pricey electric car is a draw, but officials want to tap Colorado’s natural gas

China is pitching a “pure electric” all-wheel-drive car that gets 186 miles per charge — targeting public officials tasked with greening their vehicle fleets.

The managers of Colorado’s 5,800-vehicle state fleet took the $63,000 Build Your Dreams E6 for a test drive. So did municipal fleet chiefs from Denver and Pueblo. And they liked it. The E6’s range more than doubles the distance other electric vehicles can cover before running out of juice.

But Colorado officials — poised to spend $21 million to replace 585 state vehicles — are wedded to cars and trucks that run on made-in-Colorado compressed natural gas.

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